I've tried to be as accurate as possible, but dealing with time in a universe that has both chronological and biological time can get confusing. If there are any discrepancies from the novels, please let me know (with sourced page numbers) and I'll correct it. Thank you and enjoy!


1 All of my main characters have 2 ages: a biological age and a chronological age. This is because of the time dilation effects of space travel, the use of 'leap points' to shortcut through space and the contrast of it all to people who live on fixed objects like planets and space stations. For example, someone like Cairo Azarcon spent the first 12 years of his life on a planet. After that age he spent much of his time traveling through deep space and a certain amount of inconsistent relative time. This has made his biological age much younger than his chronological age — he appears to be in his late twenties/early thirties, but his EHSD age by the beginning of CAGEBIRD is 47. I am, of course, not a physicist and this science is very soft. I ask you to suspend your disbelief and just go with it for fun.




2132 — Vincenzo Marcus Falcone is born on Earth.1

2151 — Cairo Azarcon is born on Meridia planet, the middle child of 3 boys.

2155 — The expeditionary EarthHub science vessel, Plymouth, makes first contact with striviirc-na scientists on what later becomes known as Plymouth Moon (Qinitle-na in the Ki'hade dialect of the striviirc-na).

2156 — Nikolas S'tlian is born to Enas Gray and Markalan Maida, the eldest of 2 boys.

2162 — Battle of Ghenseti. Ghenseti Station is destroyed by Markalan Maida (Nikolas's father), the leader of the human sympathizer faction of the Nan'hade striviirc-na, and Falcone's EarthHub carrier Kali, tasked to protect Ghenseti, is destroyed by Maida. Falcone is court martialed, sentenced, but escapes.

2163 — The Meridia mines are destroyed by pirates and Cairo is captured by Falcone. Cairo is 12 chrono years.

2174 — War is officially declared between EarthHub and the striviirc-na.

2175 — Joslyn Aaron Musey is born to Wen Young and Kevin Musey, aboard the merchant vessel Mukudori.

2176 — Yuri Mikhailovich Terisov is born on Plymouth Moon.

2178 — Ryan Jared Azarcon is born to Songlian Lau and Cairo Azarcon on Austro Station.

2183 — The events in WARCHILD begin.

2185 — Falcone visits Colonial Grace refugee camp and signs on Yuri to his ship Genghis Khan, which is operating under false documentation as the merchant vessel The Abyssinian.

2189 — Jos joins the spacecarrier Macedon. He is 14 chrono years.

2197 — The events in WARCHILD and BURNDIVE end. The beginning of the peace process between a faction of EarthHub and a faction of the striviirc-na. Jos is biologically around 17 years old, but chrono 22. Ryan is chrono 19.

2198 — The events in CAGEBIRD begin.