Aniw (AH-noo) - come from the Land; People of the Land
ankago (ahn-KAH-go) - spiritwalker
Call - song incantation used to draw the Dog (little spirit) out of its human body
dark light - the power of the little spirits; what Ciracusans erroneously term 'magic'
Dog (or little spirit) - the spiritual ancestors of the ankago, manifested through the form of a wolf, who reside beside the human spirits of their chosen descendants; they are not canines.
First Female - the first little spirit to ally with a human. The ankago are 'born from the marriage of man and Dog, when the First Female had lain with Ankagok of the Tjerinnen tribe.'
Hackles of the Dog - the treeline between South and North
hokis (HO-keece)- Arctic groundhogs
Kabliw (KAH-bloo) - come from the boats; People of the Boats (Southerners)
the Land - what the Aniw call their world; it extends from the High Arctic to the more southern tundra, anywhere the tribes travel
Middle Light - the realm of the little spirits and other supernatural denizens
sul (sool)- snow knife
threat animal - a sort of harbinger to the ankago in the Middle Light; each ankago might see a different 'animal' in this role; Sjenn's threat animal is the great white bear; Jarrett's threat animal is a black feral dog.


ALEQA (Ah-LEK-ka) - Sjenn's father, deceased. He was the ankago of their tribe before Sjenn.
ANKAGOK (Ahn-KAH-gok) - the first ankago of the Aniw, having lain with the First Female
BERNIKKA (BER-nik-ka) - Sjenn's younger female cousin
SJENNONIRK (Sa-YEN-on-nerk) - the ankago of her tribe; point-of-view character of the novel
TJERINNEN (Ta-YERE-in-nen) - Ankagok's tribe
TWYEE (Twhy-YEE) - Sjenn's male cousin who watched over her body when her little spirit roamed