Thanks to the Steampunk Scholar! 

Thursday, June 09, 2011 12:45:57 PM

For this reference in their latest blog post:

My apologies to those who were looking forward to my analysis of Karin Lowachee's The Gaslight Dogs. I have an article to finish for Locus, and a top-secret project I had to sign a non-disclosure form for, which kept me from attending to Gaslight Dogs. That said, I did start it, and I can already see how it's going to fit into the presentation I proposed to the Eaton SF conference in 2011. I'm doing a comparison of the treatment of First Nations characters in a few different steampunk and alternate history pieces. The Gaslight Dogs brings a great perspective to that table. I'm only a third of the way in, but unless Lowachee messes things up royally in the last half, I can recommend it as good reading. She's got a wonderful prose style that evokes rather than slavishly describes scenes.

Find the rest of the post (and a great website) HERE!

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