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What are the novels in the series so far?
In written order, they are: WARCHILD, BURNDIVE, and CAGEBIRD.

Do you plan on writing more?
I would love to write more. Generally I have 8 books planned to complete this idea of the effects of war on young people and the issues surrounding an arduous peace process. The EarthHub/striviirc-na universe as a whole has many more stories that perhaps one day I'll explore.

What would the other 5 books be about?
The tentative 4th book so far would pick up the Black Ops plot thread introduced in CAGEBIRD, seen through the point of view of Rick O'Neil, whose father we met in CAGEBIRD. Rick also appeared briefly in both WARCHILD and CAGEBIRD and is considered to be a textbook soljet. Needless to say, if you've read my books, you know that I have plans to rip that all apart. This 4th book would more neatly tie up the plot threads that began in WARCHILD. Three more books would cover the striviirc-na/sympathizer point of view of the war. The final book would wrap up the concept of the series and the main characters introduced.

Why aren't there more books in this series?
You would need to ask my publisher at Orbit Books! Seriously, ask them (politely). If they know there's interest then maybe they'll contract me for more. Right now I'm happily diving into the world of frontier fantasy (see THE GASLIGHT DOGS). If you continue to buy and read my work, there's a better chance I will be given the opportunity to write and publish more books in the Warchild Universe.

Why do you write only from a male point of view?
For the Warchild Universe books (so far) I've used male points of view for three reasons: 1) I wanted to specifically explore the effects of war and exploitation on boys/men in a realistic manner. An interviewer once said I was 'interrogating masculinity in science fiction' and that's as good a way to explain it as any other; 2) the male point of view is an 'other' to me, since I am female, so it's a challenge for me to write convincingly in that voice and I like to challenge myself in writing; and 3) it's just fun.

Why are all your dudes good-looking?
There is a method to the madness, believe it or not. I wanted to explore the ideas of image, media, and image in socialization. The fact Jos and Yuri were considered pretty children played an important part in their being handpicked by a predator, and whatever they looked like on the outside was in direct conflict with how they felt on the inside, a contrast I found interesting because I believe we all experience that to some extent. Ryan's issues with his looks are also plain in the content of BURNDIVE. BURNDIVE was in part an interrogation and exploration of celebrity-driven culture, and beauty plays a role in that.

Why did you begin WARCHILD in second person?
It's the voice and the point of view that came to me on inspiration one morning. I literally awoke one day with the first line of the novel. It fit Jos; it illustrated the flashpoint of his trauma; the second person is often the point of view one takes when describing events one wishes to be distant from. I never intended the entire novel to be told in second person. I always knew that it would switch to first person after he escaped Falcone.

Would you ever write again from Jos's point of view? Why or why not?
I have no plans for that, not for an entire novel, but never say never. The concept of a mosaic series is to have different points of view and I like the details that get revealed when we see someone through someone else's eyes. That being said, there will be some Jos perspective in the OMAKE.