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Before I explain, here is the link to purchase:

Here is the link to the book description itself:

From March 30 to April 21 (three weeks), this Aurora Award bundle will run. After that time, I will make Cagebird available on Amazon! So don’t fear if you miss the download this month because you see this post late, or can’t purchase it now. Once it’s up on Amazon that will be permanent. But! I encourage you to check out this bundle for all of the other great writers!

Notes about this edition:

As a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you readers who have stuck with me and this series for literally over a decade, and have asked continuously for the ebook, I reached out to @everking and commissioned special book cover art. Kelsey’s work came to my notice through Tumblr and Twitter, and while it’s impossible for me to fully thank you all individually, I wanted a representative of my readers to be a part of this edition, and what better way than through artwork? I hope you love her depiction of Yuri as much as I do! (If you reblog or use the art anywhere, please credit her).

Also, by creating this ebook, I managed to hopefully fix all of the copyedit mistakes and inconsistencies. If I did my job right, you won’t even notice. I didn’t change anything major, but consider this ebook the definitive version of the novel.

Please reblog, pass along the links, support if you can!

Oh, and as a final note … the ebook edition of Burndive will be out, hopefully at the same time or soon after Cagebird goes live on Amazon. Hopefully these will tide you over until The Warboy!

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